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Sponsorship is not just giving. It’s making an ongoing difference.

ASSARO is a pro-quality life rescue organisation that is home to Australian shepherds – some of whom are up for adoption and others who, due to their respective health conditions, have become permanent residents. Each has various ongoing needs and costs, detailed below.

Ongoing sponsorships, no matter how great or small, go a long way to sustaining their health and well-being.

Australian Shepherd Rescue's Chloe


Chloe is 13 and she is totally blind from hereditary Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA). She is also on heart meds.

She costs around R100 a day for meds, fresh food that gets mixed with her kibble to make it healthy and enjoyable and regular care.

Black Tri Australian Shepherd Jamie


Jamie is a beautiful boy who has come a long way. He has a heart condition and requires daily heart and pain medication.

He costs around R150 a day for his chronic medication and some fresh food to mix with kibble.

Merle Australian Shepherd - Solo


Adorable Solo is a 12 year old merle boy who requires chronic heart medication to keep going each day .

He costs around R100 a day for heart meds, some delicious fresh food to add to his kibble and ongoing care.



Nala is a beautiful 18 month old border collie. She is deaf so needs a special home with someone who will give her a good balance of training, fun and rest.

She costs us R70 a day for general care and fresh food as she is a busy girl and we need to keep her weight up.

Australian shepherd cross Bernese Mountain Dog


Mizu is a magnificent 9 year old Bernese Mountain Dog x Border Collie. A meet and greet is required, so he’s Gauteng only, no cats, small dogs or kids.

He costs R60 a day for fresh food to add to his kibble to ensure he gets enjoyable meals and general daily care.



Sirius is almost 9 years old and is a very special boy. He is up for adoption but is needs to be the centre of attention so is no other dogs, cats or kids.

He costs us around R60 for fresh food to add in with his kibble which he loves and general day-to-day care.


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